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2020-2021 Virtual Orchestra Concerts

Winter Performances

Lakeshore 7th and 8th Grade Orchestras


Grand Haven High School Orchestras

Chamber Orchestra - The Christmas Song  https://youtu.be/wyeSgIcf6v0


Symphony Orchestra- Winter Wonderland/Let It Snow https://youtu.be/22XAf5-pdjs


Concert Orchestra - Rest Ye Merry, Rock Ye Very https://youtu.be/aet8EsTpE4c

Fall Performances

7th/8th grade  https://youtu.be/VIIYZWg66j4


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Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!

The Grand Haven Music Teachers are committed to providing a quality music education for all students in our classroom. We recognize that this year will look different, but we are committed to providing your students opportunities to engage in music and continue to provide the social-emotional learning and connectivity that so many of our students seek from their school music community.


During this difficult and unprecedented time, the mental health of our students remains our top priority. Music education can have positive effects on a student’s mental health. With the changes that are impacting our traditional school environments, music education is more critical than ever before to the ongoing development and health of our students. Music has long been reported to contribute to the positive social and emotional growth of students. Participating in music classes allows them the stability of being in a peer group, enabling them the opportunity to feel accepted by others. Additional benefits to music instruction include maintaining focus, recognizing individual artistic ability, relating with others, and being a part of a team. Music instruction is uniquely positioned to scaffold this social emotional learning for our students.


Regardless of COVID-19 restrictions, the music staff is committed to providing our students a meaningful and standard-based music education. The music staff realizes that students enroll in a performing arts class out of a desire to play an instrument or sing. In that spirit, our lessons will incorporate authentic performance as much and as safely as possible while exploring other aspects of our Michigan Music Standards. Our performances will look much different than in the past but will still be meaningful to student development.


  • Clarification: No online orchestra available for remote learners through the Ottawa County. We strongly encourage smartmusic.com subscriptions and Private Lessons via Virtual Instructors

  • If remote students are interested in the repertoire that is covered in class, please email Mrs. Walters walterst@gmail.com

  • No GOTAK/FIDDLE CLUB in the fall semester for the safety of students



  • No Apple Fundraiser due to Covid-19

  • No in person concerts in the fall - we will get creative and have ways for parents to watch our accomplishments, stay tuned for emails regarding these opportunities

  • Steri-Spray bought by the GH District for sanitizing shared instruments and equipment such as celli, basses, stands

  • All students will wear masks at all times in our classrooms

  • Students will be social distancing as best as possible in our classrooms

  • All students are encouraged to buy their own tuners, folding stands and bring own pencils, rosin to class

  • Students will get a code to access Google Classrooms. Google Classrooms will be updated with daily agendas and music/material available in pdf for printing out and practicing at home.