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MSBOA Solo & Ensemble


Solo & Ensemble Festival is an opportunity for individual students from member schools to perform a selection of their choice for adjudication. District-level festivals are held in late January through mid-February.  Website




Each student or group of students is evaluated by one judge and rated on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being the highest rating possible. Students or groups that earn a rating of 1 (or "Superior") are qualified for State Solo & Ensemble Festival which is held in March. The basic structure of State Solo & Ensemble Festival is the same as District, but the students are held to a higher standard. Soloists in grades 10 through 12 must perform Proficiency Exams which include scales and sight reading. Students and ensembles that are chosen for the MSBOA All-State Honors Orchestra, and Michigan Youth Arts Festival, come from the highest rated events at the State Festival. Participating students that earn a rating of 1 or 2 at District or State Festivals are eligible to purchase medals.

MSBOA District VII & State Solo & Ensemble

This activity promotes individual growth more than any other opportunity provided, other than private lessons. Participation is voluntary, HOWEVER once a student registers to participate, he/she is expected to follow through on the commitment.


Music is purchased by the student with the help of the director. There is a small entry fee. Registration must be completed by the first of November with the application deadline prior to Thanksgiving. MSBOA requires that a student must be registered and participate in a performance class daily in order to sign up or perform in Solo and Ensemble Festival.


Solo and Ensemble Festival is the month of January or February, determined by the State MSBOA. Select the link for the Division VII MSBOA on our home page for more details and this year’s dates, times, and locations.  Website

Our Mission


Students who earn a Division I rating at the District level are eligible to participate in the State Festival. This is a tremendous honor. Freshmen and all ensembles perform only their solo or ensemble piece. Upper classmen must perform proficiencies, which include scales and sight-reading. 


State Solo and Ensemble is usually the last Saturday of March. The site is determined each year by MSBOA. Applications are due on the Wednesday following the District Festival. The individual student is responsible for the nominal entry fee.


Students that are successful at the State Festival may have an opportunity to participate in the MSBOA All-State Honors Orchestra and the Michigan Youth Arts Festival.

Michigan Youth Arts Festival


The Michigan Youth Arts Festival honors the most talented high school musicians in the State, and is the, culmination of a nine-month search for the finest artistic talent in Michigan high schools. More than 250,000 students across the state are involved in the adjudication process that results in nearly 1,000 being invited to participate in the annual three-day event, held in May.  Website

MSBOA All-State Honors Orchestra


The MSBOA All-State program was established in the 2005 - 06 school year. Four ensembles are selected from recorded auditions: a Middle School String Orchestra, a Middle School Band, a High School Full Orchestra and a High School Band.


Students must prepare an announced etude, a series of scales and sight-read during each 10 minute recorded audition. Each audition is submitted using only an identification number with no reference to the student or school. The auditions are evaluated by an adjudicator and placed in order. The required number of instruments is selected to fill each section. An average of over 2,000 students, audition each year for the 400 seats in our four ensembles.


In January the students assemble for two and a half days of rehearsal with nationally recognized conductors. A concert is held on the Saturday of the Michigan Music Conference.    Website

MSBOA District VII & State Festival


Orchestra Festival is an opportunity for middle and high school ensembles from member schools to perform a program of three pieces for adjudication, one of which must be from MSBOA's required list. District-level festivals are held at the end of February through the beginning of March. Each group is evaluated by three performance judges and one sight-reading judge.  Website




Ensembles are rated on a scale from 1 to 5 with 1 being the highest rating possible. The overall score is computed using a formula which combines the ratings of each judge. Ensembles that earn an overall 1 rating (or "Superior") are qualified for State Orchestra Festival which is held in late April or early May. The basic structure of State Orchestra Festival is the same as District, but the ensembles are held to a higher standard. Participating ensembles that earn a rating of 1 or 2 at District or State Festivals receive a certificate and are eligible to purchase plaques for display at their school and medals for each student.

Further Information


Select the the following links to access the organization websites for detailed information on event dates, times and locations:


MSBOA Solo & Ensemble Website

MSBOA All-State Orchestra

MSBOA Middle School Honors Orchestra

Michigan Youth Arts

MSBOA Festival Website

MSBOA Website

MSBOA District VII Website

MSBOA District VII Calendar

Michigan Music Conference


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