Fundraisers are a necessity to supplement school funding in this day of educational budget cuts and rising expenses, if the Orchestra Program is to maintain a high level of excellence.  Fundraisers are also utilized to help keep costs of student participation in orchestra events to a minimum;  thus reducing the costs that are passed on to orchestra families for orchestra activities such as trips, master classes, etc.  During the school year, it is necessary to conduct various fundraisers.  Unless designated, the funds from the fundraisers will be deposited into the appropriate orchestra activity account with the money being used for the GHAPS orchestra program as deemed necessary by the director of the orchestra.  


At times designated funds, or a percentage of funds earned, may go towards the individual student's account to help pay for expenses within the program such as a major trip.  Such earned funds may be passed on to the OBGH until needed by the appropriate individual for the designated activity.  Earned funds are for the individual earning the funds only and are not a family account.  Any unclaimed funds after the student is no longer involved in the program, either through graduation or no longer participating in classes, belong to the GHAPS Orchestra Program.  Funds cannot be transferred to other individuals by the earning individual, but will be used as deemed necessary by the Director of Orchestra for the benefit of the entire program.  Information on specific fundraisers will periodically be listed on the Orchestra website.  

If you buy Amazon gift cards through our Scrip program BEFORE shopping, you earn money for your family AND benefit the orchestra twice!

Please save receipts from D&W and Family Fare

and turn them in to your student's orchestra director.

We earn $1000 for every $150,000 face value of receipts collected!

Orchestra Merchandise

Purchasing Orchestra Merchandise is a great way to financially support the Orchestra Program. Monies raised directly benefit all of our students.  Please consider purchasing one or more items shown below.  Items may be purchased directly before each concert or order forms may be printed and turned in to your Orchestra Director. 


Bucs Water Bottles  $5.00 each

Bucs Sports Bags  $5.00 each

Orchestra Decals for Cars & Instrument Cases  $5.00 each

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