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Summer Scholarship Program

The Ochestra Boosters of Grand Haven (OBGH) provides scholarship money for all Orchestra students who apply and qualify to attend summer music programs. Summer programs afford music students an exceptional opportunity to significantly advance their musical skills. Summer programs allow students to immerse themselves in music within an environment void of outside distractions. Most programs provide students with instruction at the ensemble, small group, and individual levels. The summer music program experience allows students to gain valuable individual instruction in a highly motivating environment. West Michigan is particularly blessed with four of the nation’s premiere summer music programs within a 100 mile radius: Interlochen, Central Michigan University, Western Michigan University, and Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. 


Summer music programs are valuable to all musicians of all playing ability levels. Orchestra students that attend summer music programs tend to excel in the instrumental music classroom. For this reason the OBGH created the Summer Scholarship Program to assist Orchestra students who wish to take advantage of these summer programs. Students are highly encouraged to participate.



The deadline for submitting an application varies from year to year, but is April 1st unless otherwise announced by our directors. Select the “Scholarship Application” link below for further information. NOTE: THE APPLICATION DEADLINE IS STRICTLY ENFORCED, so make sure you apply early.

Results of the Countryside Fundraiser have a big impact on the number of scholarships available.

Scholarship Amount


It has been the tradition of the Orchestra Boosters organization to give all students the same amount, regardless of the amount of tuition. This is usually between $50.00 and $100.00, depending on the number of students applying for scholarships and the amount available. This amount will vary from year to year. Note that OBGH Summer Scholarships will be sent directly to the summer camp. Many of the summer music programs offer supplemental scholarships as well. 


How To Apply


Some Summer Music Programs may require students to audition for their orchestra director. Therefore apply to your selected Summer Music Program early, and also make arrangements with your director early to set up an audition time if required. IMPORTANT: A copy of your Summer Music Program acceptance letter MUST be attached to your scholarship application before you submit it. Thus you want to gain acceptance to your Summer Music Program early to eliminate any danger of missing the application deadline for the Summer Scholarship.

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