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The Grand Haven Orchestra Program is fortunate to have so many dedicated parents willing to volunteer their time to help support the Orchestra Program. During a given year, over 5,000 volunteer hours are typically accumulated. Our Orchestra Program could not function at such a high level without the unwavering support of all of our orchestra parents.


Some parents are able and willing to invest large amounts of time and effort toward the support of the Orchestra Program, while others are not able to do as much. Even if you feel the amount of time you can invest is minimal and not significant, please don’t let that deter you from contributing whatever time you can, no matter how small. 

Please remember there are many ways to get involved, and every little bit helps.

Below is a list of OBGH volunteers needed on an annual basis.


Vice President

Lesson Rebate Program
Summer Scholarship Program
Website Coordinator





If you just can’t spare the time to volunteer but absolutely want to support the Orchestra Program, making a much needed donation to the Orchestra Program is a great way make a difference. Your monetary donations to the OBGH are tax deductible and help fund essential Orchestra Program expenses such as: badly needed new uniforms that take a beating from repeated washings, rental of trucks to transport equipment to performance venues, as well as expenses associated with other orchestra activities not only at the high school, but the middle and elementary schools as well.

Uniforms (3)

Photographers (2)

Lakeshore Middle School Orchestra Representative
White Pines Middle School Orchestra Representative

Donate Your Time

Join Us in Supporting

the GHAPS Orchestra

THANK YOU for supporting the Orchestra!

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