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The Private Lesson Rebate Program is open to all students in the orchestra program; grades 5-12 and offers families a reduction in lesson costs.  This program is directly supported by fundraising efforts and is dependent on available funding. All families participating MUST pre-register with the PLR coordinator.

The Orchestra Boosters of Grand Haven (OBGH) offer funding for this program.  It starts on the first day of school each September and continues through the last day of school in May or until the funds are depleted.  The intent of the program is to support the students currently enrolled in Grand Haven orchestra classes and for lessons in their primary orchestra instrument only.

Studies show that intensive music study contributes to higher levels of comprehension, problem solving, reasoning, conceptualizing, and communication.  Private lessons are valuable to all musicians of all playing ability levels, and are highly recommended.


Students should take private lessons with the understanding that the rebate program is an extra incentive, and plan to continue with their lessons regardless of the rebate incentive. The rebate value varies by the type of instructor, with the rebate value for adult instructors being greater than the rebate for student instructors. Please contact Mrs. Walters or Mrs. Meyers for the current list of participating instructors.


Program Description


It’s imperative that STUDENTS GO TO THEIR LESSONS PREPARED. Students are eligible for one rebate per week. Private instructors must be approved by the Directors. After the registration form has been accepted, a lesson log will be issued. It will be the responsibility of the student at each lesson to obtain the instructor’s signature in the log verifying lesson preparation and completion. Refunds are paid on set dates throughout the year. Payout dates, current rebate values, program policies, and registration information specific to the current year are outlined in the Rebate Form. Students may register for the program by printing the Rebate Form from the Documents tab on the Home page, and submitting the completed form to their director.

Reimbursement is made by check, which will be available at the first Boosters Meeting after submission. Any checks not picked up that night will continue to be available through the Boosters representatives at the weekly Panera Scrip sale, or concerts. Checks left longer than 60 days will be voided.


Private Lesson Instructors


If you need help in securing a private lesson instructor, please consult your director.

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